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Monday, April 30, 2018

Trout Fishing Tips for Michigan.

Michigan Trout Fishing
Tips for Trophy trout in Michigan. Small details pay big dividends

There's no question the trout live in beautiful places, Michigan is no exception to that rule. Everywhere you look, we are surrounded by water. Here are 5 tips for better trout fishing in Western Michigan. These tips should help you catch more, and larger trout.
Location. Probably the number one key to great trout fishing success. Ask around, people are generally pretty good about sharing information. Usually this will at least give you a starting point. Where you fish for trout is certainly a huge key to success. Area Maps like the Michigan Trout Guide, Plot maps and Google Earth all show details about great places to trout fish. They can tell you if the area is private or public land. Google Earth maps are so detailed, the show color and break like so you can tell between riffles and holes!
Michigan Fishing Guides
Trout bite best during low light conditions.
Pack a Plano box just for Trout fishing.  Having one small box with just trout lures and gear really helps in lure selection.  Pack it full of tried an true trout lures like Mepps,  Pather Martin, and Blue Fox Vibrax spinners. Small
crank baits are also an excellent choice! Rapala, Rebel, and Yo-Zuri all make some very natural, deadly looking crank baits for trout.  Also, stock your box with plenty of swivels, hooks and split shot.  Trout streams are always filled with snags. Bring lots of terminal tackle.
Time of day.  When you fish for trout makes a huge difference! Trout are a shy, spooky, skittish species. First light (morning) and last light, and night time are great times to fish for trout.  Especially Brown trout, they are usually nocturnal. Focus your energy of fishing low light periods when trout feed the most often. Michigan Trout Fishing Report

 Decide whether you're going to fly fish or spin fish. Don't bring both! I know this one seems odd but hear me out. One thing huge that I've noticed in guiding, when clients try to use both techniques, they rarely catch anything. They keep thing, "What if I used this..." Stick with what you know works until you catch some fish. After that, then branch out on techniques. Have faith in what you're using and go from there. Brown trout are notorious predators and fish on smaller fish, minnows, and crayfish. Your baits should reflect that.

Michigan Trout Fishing
Fishing guides can help you catch more fish!
Hire a fishing guide. Hiring a fishing guide can set you light years ahead of the learning curve!  Guides have spent thousands of hours perfecting their craft on the local waters that you wish to learn. They know the local intriquies of that river or stream and know that water like the back of their hand. There's always some local tricks or techniques that set that area apart. Fishing guides usually have the inside scoop for catching fishing in their area. Give it a shot, you might be surprised!

All the essentials and the equipment mentioned above are crucial for any Michigan Trout Fishing adventure or while getting ready for a trout fishing trip. If you're looking for some guidance to catch some trophy fish, booking Betts Guide Service, is a great idea.  Our guide staff will help you on everything from Michigan Trout Fishing, hotels, fly fishing, spin fishing trips, eco-tours, and anything else related to Michigan river fishing for salmon, trout , and Steelhead. Give us a shout at (231) 519-7348